Jen Wehner Masterclass | Double Your Hourly Income in 30 Days with Time Blocking

Jen Wehner’s Masterclass is designed to help individuals in all professions to double their hourly income. The course teaches the method of time-blocking, a process that boosts productivity and helps accomplish more in less time. The Masterclass includes modules with information on how to identify key tasks, prioritize work, and allocate time efficiently. Jen’s techniques focus on extracting the most value from the workday by organizing it in a meaningful and goal-oriented way. The course is designed to be completed in 30 days, and students can choose to engage in one or two-hour sessions per week. Jen’s method is proven, and tested, and has helped thousands of professionals to achieve great results. By taking this Masterclass, you can learn how to become more efficient, save time, and earn more money by doubling your hourly income.

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