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What about after real estate?? We knew when we wanted to stop selling real estate that our options were limited.  We thought about opening our own brokerage.  We wanted to have our own space, use our own branding, not be limited in serving our clients in a way that some corporate higher-up decided was best.

But we knew we also wanted the support, materials, legal backup, accounting and compliance support that a full service brokerage could provide.

Then we were introduced to eXp Realty – and knew we found what we needed.  FREEDOM, COLLABORATION and THE RIGHT COMPENSATION.

We are in the perfect environment to grow and improve as we support OUR clients.

This REV share model meant one thing... there was a great life after real estate.

To break it down as simply as possible, we wanted to build a community and help agents achieve their goals, and that’s what we have done.

For every agent that we bring into the Mastering Real Estate Group, we want them to be successful and we are rewarded by EXP with 3.5% of each agent’s commission (from the company, not the agent)…

and every agent that YOU bring into the group, that’s right… you receive 3.5% of their commission received.

But wait, there’s more… for all agent’s in our downline, when they bring another agent in, you get 4% of their commission AND that agent gets 3.5%!!! 

Now you are starting to see how this can create an amazing future for all of us!

Revenue Share

Agents at eXp Realty also can receive revenue share from the productive agents they sponsor into the company. Agents can earn up to $2,800 annually for each agent they personally introduce to eXp Realty. Revenue share is paid by eXp Realty company dollars and doesn’t reduce agent commission. In addition, agents earn residual income from productive agents sponsored into their overall group.

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